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Is a fear of failure and judgment paralyzing you? Do you often feel saying or doing something inappropriate, insensitive, stupid, or ridiculous? Do you feel like you just aren’t good enough? End this vicious though cycle NOW. Wired For Confidence tells you the necessary steps to break out from the pits of low self-esteem, lowered expectations, and lack of assertiveness. Take the first step to creating the life you only dared to dream of. The book is a collection of real-life examples, stories, and lessons to equip you for confident change. As a book of action, Wired For Confidence is filled with proven techniques, advice and exercises to make your success inevitable and swift. Fortune favors the bold and those who take matters into their own hands. You are the hero of your story – so act it! Your life is yours to create and change. Face your fears without hesitation. – Learn the essential secret of building confidence. – Handle judgment and guilt — quickly and smoothly. – Eight easy steps to your most accurate self-perception. – Change your mindset from negative to positive — quickly and permanently. Choose yourself first. – Identify your mental blocks that keep you from success – Learn to mark your boundaries – How to use comparison in your favor – How to get over unreasonable expectations Have positive vision for your future. – Define a crystal clear vision of what your strengths are – Feel comfortable and confident with who you are – Brush off other people’s opinions and judgments – Create possibilities out of failures – Own your personal space and don’t let anybody violate it again

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